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Users loose engagement when an app takes a while to perform an action it’s suppose to do seamlessly. Refreshing a timeline, sending a message, loading a picture… these are some typical actions that give you no real useful information when a process isn’t going as smoothly as it should.

It is very important to give some feedback to the user about what it is that you’re doing and update on the status on a regular basis. Authentic Weather App does this very well during the data-fetching process, adding some engaging copywriting that actually give the user some relevant information about the status of a process and make you smile; all at the same time.

awesome_weather_error_message_1_TWRSawesome_weather_error_message_2_TWRS awesome_weather_error_message_3_TWRS awesome_weather_error_message_4_TWRS awesome_weather_error_message_5_TWRS

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